Many of you will be attending the Global Symposium on Health Systems Research which will be held in Liverpool from the 8-12 October 2018. Please do come to our sessions and presentations and catch up on all the work that we have been doing!

Wednesday 10 October

12:45 - Measuring Quality in Malawi’s Community Health System: Barriers and Challenges, Poster, ACC Hall 2M, Galleria and Level 3

16:00 – 17:30 - Putting quality at the heart of community health services for maternal, newborn and child health, Panel, ACC Room 1B

Thursday 11 October

13:15 - When and how do incentives help improve Community Health Workers’ performance? A qualitative multi-county study, Poster, ACC Hall 2M, Galleria and Level 3

14:00 – 15:30 - CHWs provide “second class care” and are a temporary fix to the human resources crisis and health systems constraints, Participatory session, ACC Hall 2E

16:00 – 17:30 - Ethiopia’s Health Extension Programme: Implications of mobile technology for strengthening community health systems, Oral presentation, ACC room 11C   

Friday 12 October

09:00 – 10:30 - Improving the health workforce quality in Indonesia through collaborative approaches between higher education and health system: A proposal of multisectoral actions, Oral presentation, ACC room 12   

10.30 - Quality improvement in community health: A novel approach to improve efficiency and outcomes of Community Health Worker programs in Kenya, Poster, ACC Hall 2M, Galleria and Level 3

10.30 - “Do you trust that data?” – A mixed-methods study assessing the quality of data reported by Community Health Workers in Kenya and Malawi, Poster, ACC Hall 2M, Galleria and Level 3

12.45 - Measuring quality from a community perspective: Using a community follow up tool to measure the quality of community health services at household level in Kenya, Poster, ACC Hall 2M, Galleria and Level 3

13.15 - Strengthening the community health system in Mozambique: a gender analysis of the Agentes Polivalentes Elementares programme, Poster, ACC Hall 2M, Galleria and Level 3

13.15 - Creating a forum for shared learning and advocacy in strengthening community health systems: Lessons from community-based quality improvement teams in Kenya, Poster, ACC Hall 2M, Galleria and Level 3

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